Padraig Harrington hits golf shots blindfolded, and the results are ridiculously good

Shane Bacon
Padraig Harrington
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Padraig Harrington is a three-time major winner including two Opens — Getty Images

Golf is a frustrating game. The ball just sits there, mocking you at times to pull off an incredible golf shot, with sand and water and alligators and high rough surrounding your goal.

You know what would make golf even tougher? Doing it blindfolded.

That was the goal of two-time British Open champion Padraig Harrington, who teamed up with HSBC to attempt some golf shots without being able to see anything. Harrington had to rely on his caddie, Ronan Flood, as they attempted to hit hooks and cuts around a couple of trees before finally trying to punch a golf shot through them.

The results continue to improve, but the last ball he hits ends up ... you know, I'm not going to tell you, just watch and be prepared to be amazed because it is worth the wait.

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