Padraig Harrington, history teacher, explains difference in Britain and Ireland

Shane Bacon

You probably know this, fine reader you, but Britain and Ireland aren't the same country.

A reporter at the CA Championship this week didn't totally grasp that, and asked Padraig Harrington, a three-time major champion from Dublin, this question.

"If you should win here, would that be a triumph for Ireland or for the British people?"

Well, this is obvious. It would be a triumph for Ireland, since, you know, Padraig is from Ireland.

The usually passive Harrington didn't take too kindly to the ignorance, and responded with this:

"You know, obviously if you're -- by asking that question, you haven't shown very much insight into anything, so I'll let you go do the homework on it. That would be like if a Canadian won here, would it be a triumph for the Americans or the Canadians? If a South American won here, would it be a triumph -- it would be the same thing. I'm not from Britain. I'm Irish. I think you want to talk that to maybe one of the guys from Northern Ireland. I'm from the other side of the Republic: Green, white and orange."

Pwned, Mr. Harrington. Not really much you can say after that. I'm pretty sure the next geography question will not be asked by this reporter.