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Oh sweet heaven no: PGA Tour wives seeking reality show

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At this point, if you don't have your own reality series, you're just not trying hard enough. Case in point: the passel of PGA Tour wives who've hired an L.A. marketing firm to help pitch a reality show based on their lives outside the ropes.

Here's the deal, according to Leot Chen (Vaugn Taylor's fiancee), Liz Estes (Bob Estes' wife), Alli MacKenzie (Will MacKenzie's wife), Melissa Weber Jones (Matt Jones' wife) and Erin Walker (Jimmy Walker's wife) are in on this, to a greater or lesser degree.

Their first shot across the bow of the nation's reality-saturated consciousness? That photo and several others, released by Reverb Collective, are designed to show that the ladies are sassy, sexy and stand by their golfer, or something like that. Chen and Walker agreed to the photo shoot, but won't be participating in the prospective reality series.

So what could we expect to see? talked to some of the ladies involved, and here's an idea:

"During my first year I hid in my car because I was so horrified of walking into the clubhouse and player dining," Estes says. "Everyone was so cliquey."

"It's like a traveling high school," MacKenzie adds. "There are 150 or so guys and 150 or so girls, plus the caddies, plus the girls who aren't supposed to be out there."

They compare the prospective TV show to -- wait for it -- the Real Housewives franchise, which has done so much to raise the popular opinion of wealthy wives. But hey, if they can make it work, good for them. And I can think of at least one (former) wife who could push the show's ratings into the stratosphere.

But just like their husbands' favorite kind of scorecards, we predict this show will be ... subpar. (Cue the CSI: Miami music.)

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