Move over Tiger Woods, this office putt is the one that’s better than most

Most people waste time at work. They check websites or take smoke breaks or spend a few extra minutes in the bathroom to pass the time until that clock hits 5.

At one of the biggest golf companies in the world, wasting time means something totally different. The man you see above is Logan Fondren, the custom club manager at Callaway Golf taking some time at the Callaway office to attempt a putt that looked just about impossible.

According to a friend at Callaway, Fondren only needed eight takes to hit this putt that went down the stairs, against the boards, back down another set of stairs and in the back of a glass of water for one of the best office golf shots in the history of the work.

I know it wasn't a full golf shot but I hope Logan went out of his way to buy the guys a round after draining that one.