Michael Phelps gets frustrated during ‘Haney Project,’ tosses club down the fairway

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We've all been frustrated on the golf course, that's nothing new (and one of the reasons so many "club repairmen" have made a modest living over the years). But no regular golfer has cameras following us around all the time for a television show that is hoping to improve our respective golf games.

Michael Phelps does, and on "The Haney Project" he let his frustrations fly, literally.

The Olympic hero tossed his driver while playing in the Dunhill Links, and as Hank Haney put it, "that wasn't even a good attempt at being mad."

Now my uncle has taught me plenty of things on the golf course, so I figured I'd share them with Mr. Phelps in case he ever wants to toss another golf club (which I'm sure he will).

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Rule No. 1 - Never toss the club vertically. That's a rule we ALL know so well. The easiest way to break a club is by flinging it end-over-end. You always want to throw your clubs like a helicopter's propeller, that way it lands softly and you aren't left with a snapped shaft.

Rule No. 2 - Always throw the club in front of you. Nothing sucks more than throwing a club that ends up behind you and now you're not only frustrated but now forced to walk away from the hole to pick up your shamed golf club. Always in front, never behind.

Rule No. 3 - You can't think about throwing the club, just throw it. See how you can almost feel the gears moving in Phelps' head as he goes through the idea of throwing his driver there? You can't do that. Either throw it or don't, but never think about if you should or shouldn't.

Rule No. 4 - Never attempt to hit the golf cart with a club because you may just hit your best bud's finger and break it. I'm still sorry, Will. I owe you a few more Tecates.

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