Memo to Phil Mickelson: stop thinking and go play golf

Shane Bacon
March 12, 2010

On Friday at Doral, defending champion Phil Mickelson set out on day two of his quest to complicate the game of golf.

You see, the USGA allows tournament play to be done with 14 clubs in the bag, no more, and Lefty seems to have spent most of this decade making that decision as complicated as possible. This week, Phil has elected to carry two drivers, like he did in 2006 when he won his second Masters, and while most of the talk heading into this season was focused on what Phil would do with his golf clubs, 2010 has been all about what Phil has as his golf clubs.

It's clouded the guy's head, and his game has suffered.

Here is a plea to Phil; stop worrying about the clubs, the conditions, the wind and the loft, and just go out and use your talent. Remember when you won three NCAA individual champions, a U.S. Amateur and a PGA Tour as an amateur in the early 90s? That was done with skill, not specs. You beat everyone's brains out because you are as talented as anyone not battling family problems right now yet you keep tinkering like Jay Leno on an old Mercedes.

In the past three season, Phil has gone no driver (a failed experiment at the 2008 U.S. Open) and two drivers, like this week. Some times it works, other times it does not, and with Mickelson six shots back after two days, it looks like another tournament without a trophy for "his year."

Phil claims carrying two drivers to navigate the Blue Monster winds help, since one goes low and the other goes high, but what about this? Hit the same driver high when you need it and low when you need it, and then maybe carry another fairway wood so you could hit more than 28.6 percent of your fairways this week (his percentage, ranking him in a tie for dead last at the CA Championship).

Stop thinking and start playing, Lefty. We all know you could win with four irons, a blade putter and a mashie ... so just do it, and leave the technical stuff for the offseason.