Lindsey Vonn opens up about Tiger Woods during NBC interview

Shane Bacon
October 28, 2013

One of the biggest stories in all of sports this year happened back in March, when Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn announced on Facebook that they were an item.

Woods is a name anyone visiting this page has heard thousands of times, but Vonn is an incredible athlete in her own right, but a major setback in her run for gold at the 2014 Winter Olympics happened at the World Championships when Vonn crashed in horrific fashion.

What helped motivate her to return to the snow as quick as she did? The No. 1 player in the world, and also her beau. Vonn was a guest on The Today Show with Matt Lauer on Monday and said that Tiger was a big part of her recovery.

"He's very patient and he's very mentally tough" Vonn said. "He's a grinder. He works extremely hard, and he's obviously also had an ACL injury as well and had the same surgery, so he knew what I was going through. He said just be patient, keep working hard, and everything is going to turn around. It really helped me get through it."

Vonn has been a staple at golf events this year, even putting a live squirrel on Tiger's back during the Presidents Cup, but it is stuff like this that not only makes you happy for the both of them, but happy that Tiger is where he is in his personal life.

The full interview is below, so check out Vonn talking about her career and her relationship with Tiger Woods.

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