Jay Busbee

Let us now praise Graeme McDowell's putting prowess

Jay Busbee
Devil Ball Golf

Lost in all the stories of who almost won this weekend's Chevron World Challenge was the astounding putting display of the guy who actually did win. Graeme McDowell faced two pressure-laden putts -- one to force a playoff, one to salt away the tournament -- and did so in stunningly definitive fashion:

That's an absolutely cold-blooded domination and devastation of your rival right there. There's an adjective to describe that -- somebody-esque, help me out here -- and that kind of cool under pressure has defined McDowell's season. Nobody knew who the heck he was this time last year, but now? Now he's suddenly knocking down the biggest name in the world. A name, you'll note, we didn't mention once during this entire post.

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