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Lee Westwood’s private jet needed emergency landing out of Houston

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The golf world is no stranger to airplane disasters. Payne Stewart, a three-time major championship winner, died tragically in October of 1999 in an airplane accident, on a flight to Houston. No. 2 in the world, Lee Westwood, was on his way out of that same city in Texas when his cabin filled with smoke, and the pilot had to make an emergency landing.

Luckily, everyone was safe, but Westwood told's Paul Mahoney that it was a very scary moment.

"I looked up and there was smoke coming down the aisle," Westwood said. "It was a bit scary. It never looks good when you can smell smoke and you turn round and see the oxygen masks drop from the ceiling and you can see the pilots have put their masks on.

"And then we went into a nose dive," Westwood said. "We had three fire engines chasing us down the runaway, but I think that's just a precaution."

Westwood was flying with Ross Fisher and his caddie Billy Foster, and said both of them were a bit more disturbed than Westwood, but it seemed the whole thing was a shaky way to start the biggest week of his year.

Honestly, could you imagine getting on a flight heading to Augusta National, to play the most famous golf course in the world, and nearly having your plane go down? I never thought the golf gods were that cruel, but I'm starting to change my mind. The only thing meaner than that would be a tornado sweeping you away as you were starting your backswing on the first tee.

Thankfully, everyone is safe and ready for a good week.

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