Jason Dufner joins Funny or Die for 'That's How Duf Does It'

Shane Bacon
August 5, 2014

You'd never really get how fun Jason Dufner can be by watching him play golf. The guy goes about his work as serious as anyone on tour, barely cracking a smile or a frown throughout the round, never showing fans if he is 8-under or 8-over.

But Dufner seems to be a pretty fun guy. He jokes around on Twitter and has a good time off the course and after his PGA Championship win a year ago, became a household name in the golf world.

Dufner teamed up with Funny or Die for this entertaining video showing you "That's How Duf Does It," and if nothing else, it shows you the proper technique for making late night nachos if you're out of most of the ingredients.