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Jack Nicklaus offers a few gems to close out memorable Memorial

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There are a lot of reasons to love the Memorial — world-class field, championship golf course, decent weather conditions (when it doesn't rain) — but let's be honest, the best thing about the tournament is the fact that it's Jack Nicklaus' event.

Sure, seeing Tiger, Rory and Phil in the same field is a big deal, but getting the opportunity to listen to the greatest golfer of all time during the week, and then on TV on Saturday and Sunday, is something that people shouldn't take for granted.

Following the completion of play, Nicklaus sat down next to winner Tiger Woods to discuss the round and some of the changes to the course. Of course, he was in rare form, throwing out some great quotes (nothing new) about Woods' win and the course setup for the week.

Here's just a small snippet of what he had to say after the round ... including a fantastic one-liner about cell phones.

What did you think of that shot (Tiger on 16)?

Jack Nicklaus: "Eh" Nicklaus said, waving his hand in that it-was-OK manner (he was teasing, of course).

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"I think under the circumstances, and the circumstances being Tiger has been struggling, he found himself in a position in the tournament that was either fish-or-cut-bait, he had one place to land the ball, if he leaves the ball short he'll almost leave himself again a very difficult shot, and if he hits it long, he's probably gonna lose the tournament. He lands the ball exactly where it has to land, it doesn't make any difference if it goes in the hole or not. Going in the hole is a bonus [looking to Tiger], but What. A. Shot. I don't think, under the circumstances, I've ever seen a better shot."

Asked about Tiger tying his record of 73 PGA Tour wins:

Jack: "He had to rub it in my face right here, didn't he? [Laughs] If it was going to happen, and it was, I'd like to see it to happen right here. That was good, that was great. And the way he did it. He played great. The last time he won here three years ago he played great. [He] came here a little bit struggling and absolutely blitzed it, and he did it again this week. [Turning to Tiger] I hope you like the golf course. If you don't let me know, but you seem to play it pretty well."

About Sunday's pin placement on 16:

Jack: "Glad I didn't have to play my own hole this week."

Tiger: "I made 2."

Jack: "So what so tough about that? Isn't that hole supposed to separate ya?"

Closing comments:

Jack: "Four different days, four different conditions, the players were tested, the golf course played fast, which produces the best golf, and we gotta figure out how to get rid of cell phones... [Tiger closes his eyes and nods his head.] They click too much, right? Nobody has to worry about me — I can't even get one turned on."


Jack Nicklaus, ladies and gentleman. Seriously, how can you not appreciate his candor and sense of humor? Sunday was just another example of why he's a must-listen when he takes the mic in the interview room.

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