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Island green insanity, Woods WD: The week @ Devil Ball

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Did you miss a day or two of stories here at Devil Ball? No sweat, we've got you covered. Here's what was happening around these parts this week:

• Everybody's at Sawgrass, so we're naturally wondering if that famous 17th is a great hole or a gimmick. We also took a look back at the very first Devil Ball post, a take on the many legends that have grown up around the 17th green.

• Tiger Woods' instructor fires at Bubba Watson for criticizing Tiger, but guess what -- Woods withdrew anyway after just nine holes.

• The Players may be a fine golf tournament, but it's no major, as John Feinstein reminds us.

• Padraig Harrington nearly got hung up on another nitpicky rule, but this time he beat the rap. Go Paddy!

• A kid at the U.S. Open qualifying wasn't so lucky, getting dinged for using a nonconforming club.

• Ernie Els led the parade of golfers and golf figures who were inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame this week.

• Watson conceded that Sawgrass is too hard of a course for him to handle.

• Want to hit the ball straight? Long as you don't mind playing an illegal ball, you're all set.

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