Here is 'Happy Gilmore' as an 8-bit video game

Shane Bacon
March 19, 2014
Happy Gilmore screengrab
Screengrab (CineFix)

No matter if you love golf or hate it completely, you've probably watched, and laughed, at "Happy Gilmore." The 1996 film starring Adam Sandler as a hockey player-turned golfer is one of most ridiculous golf movies ever made, but it's hilarious and wonderful and it has Bob Barker in it so what isn't to love? 

The fine folks over at CineFix decided to transform "Happy Gilmore" into an 8-bit video game version and while that might seem confusing at first, just watch it and enjoy.

Seriously, it's one of the best things ever, and I thank my buddies over at FilmDrunk for finding this and posting it for all the world to enjoy.