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Golf posters, raising advertisement to the level of art

Jay Busbee
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So this is fairly cool: Fairways magazine, a French publication, is highlighting the best in golf posters from the 2010 season. Or, as the publication put it on the site, "Comme chaque saison à la même époque, nous vous proposons d’élire l’affiche de l’année," whatever the hell that means.

Golf Girl's Diary brings us the details, noting that these posters are art forms in Europe -- where, you know, people pay attention to posters and not to silly things like the blogs we have over here.

Anyway, there are 15 posters up for consideration, ranging from straightforward photography to borderline-surrealism, like that golf ball crème brûlée deal presented there at right.

So if you're of a mind to get a little art with your golf, go check out the nominees and vote. I have no idea what you're signing up for when you vote, so if you don't read French, be careful so that you don't end up filling your inbox with a whole bunch of le spam.

The poster idea is a great one, and I'd love to see more of this kind of thing take place stateside. Can you imagine what the poster would look like for the Waste Management Phoenix Open? Like "Tin Cup" crossed with frathouse floor, I'm guessing.

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