Ernie Els wins two in a row, quickly changes caddies

Shane Bacon
March 30, 2010

Who wants to play the "what makes the least sense in the golf world" game this wonderful Tuesday? Oh, you do. Great.

So, a guy wins two PGA Tour events in a row, breaking a winless streak dating back to 2008. He hasn't won two tournaments in a single PGA Tour season since 2004. He is arguably the hottest golfer on the planet right now.

Well, why wouldn't you change caddies after that? Ernie Els is doing just that after claiming both the CA Championship and the Arnold Palmer Invitational in consecutive starts. His caddie for both events was Ricci Roberts, a fellow South African, but Ernie is planning on bringing Dan Quinn to Augusta National to tote his sticks for the first major championship.

Ernie's reasoning?

"I don't think anybody can tell me anything more about Augusta than I already know," he said.

All right, that's a fine point, but the caddie isn't there just to give you course advice. They're the person that calms you and understands you and handles your nerves and remembers your strengths and weaknesses.

Quinn, a former NHL player and four-time winner of the American Century Celebrity Classic, is a fine golfer, but the move still seems strange. If Els walks away from Augusta without a green jacket, he may be regretting this decision.