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Donald Trump marshals army of kids to build his golf course

Jay Busbee
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When you get a tip like "Donald Trump using kids to build his Scotland golf course," you tend to sit up and pay attention. With visions of an army of wee Scottish lads and lasses toiling away at building fairways dancing in my head, I clicked on the link, only to find it was a bit more mundane. Turns out that it's a school project, and the kiddies are doing environmental testing and analysis of the grass being planted at the Trump International Golf Links.

Using kids to do some environmental testing is about the least controversial aspect of this entire £1 billion (about $1.6 billion) Trump project, which will eventually comprise two golf courses, a luxury hotel and about 1,000 getaway homes.

The development has been the cause of considerable consternation in northeast Scotland, and protesters have tried various methods for trying to halt the course work, including the formation of a group called "Tripping Up Trump."

Donald Trump Jr., son of The Donald, has called the protesters "teenage people" who are engaged in "little childish stunts." Local offiicals and celebrities, including Oscar-winning actress Tilda Swinton, have come out in favor of the project.

Alas, though, there are no child labor violations. Which is, you know, realistically all for the best.

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