Doesn't anybody repair ball marks anymore?

Wow. What the hell kind of golfers play in Wichita, Kan.? Look at those ball marks! That's rough territory even for an eight-dollar muni!

Fortunately for the decorum of the game, those gouges weren't caused by golfers. (Would hate to see the guy who could hit an approach sharp enough to cause some of those.) The marks are the result of hail stones that fell in mid-September, hitting the ground at a speed of up to 120 mph. The largest stone had a circumference of 15.7 inches and weighed 1.1 pounds.

If you're interested in the meteorological aspects of this phenomenon, visit the Earth Science Picture of the Day page from whence this arose. And if not, just make sure you get off the green and head for cover when the hail starts falling. It's a lot easier to repair a ball mark on the green than one in your skull.

[Visor tip: Y!-pal Chris Chase.]