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Devil Ball Golfcast, episode 36: Garry Smits on John Daly

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Time for another Devil Ball Golfcast; we've got us a timely one right here. As always, I'm joined by Shane Bacon of Dogs That Chase Cars. (Follow Shane on Twitter right here, and while you're there, follow me too.)

Today, we focus on the burgeoning John Daly story, where writer Garry Smits of the Florida Times-Union published details of the PGA Tour's file on Daly. Well, Daly was none too pleased, and late Tuesday night took to Twitter, lambasting Smits and printing his cell phone number. Since then, Smits has received about a hundred phone calls, and a few of them have been none too nice, as you'd expect.

Shane and I got the chance to talk to Smits on Wednesday afternoon, and learned more about the whole story -- where it originated, whether Smits had reached out to Daly before publishing the article (he did, many times) and how this could affect future athlete-journalist (or, for that matter, politician-journalist) relations. It's compelling stuff, and well worth a listen.

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Devil Ball Golfcast, Episode 36 -- Garry Smits on John Daly

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