David Toms gets himself back in the mix at Atlanta Athletic Club

Shane Bacon
Devil Ball Golf

There are places that just bring the best out in golfers. Augusta and Jack Nicklaus. Any British Open venue and Tom Watson, and apparently, the Atlanta Athletic Club and David Toms.

The man that won the last major championship held at this golf course back in 2001 is having a great year, but not a lot of people expected much from him this week at the return to the site of his biggest win. No worries for Toms, though, because the 44-year-old played himself into contention on Saturday with a really stellar 5-under 65, getting him just three shots behind the leaders before they teed off in their third round.

How did Toms do it? By playing the back nine 5-under, shooting a 30 on the hardest stretch at the golf course, highlighted by an eagle on the par-5 12th and a really great birdie on the 18th.

What would a second major do for Toms?

Well first, it would get him in a serious discussion for player of the year, as Toms finished runner up at the Players Championship, won the Colonial and now would have a win at the final major of the year. Also, it would push him out of that group of one-time winners of major championships, showing just how talented the man from Shreveport really is.

It's a long shot, but as tough as the golf course is playing, it isn't out of the question that the leaders would stay just right around that 5-under number, and Toms would be near the final group come Sunday.