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College golf tournament canceled after bees invade 18th hole

Jonathan Wall
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Golf courses have a number of hazards at their disposal to deter golfers from making par. Lakes, rivers, sand traps, well-positioned trees, 60,000 bees.

OK, so the bees aren't a golf course staple, but on Tuesday afternoon during the final round of the UTA-Waterchase Invitational, a swarm of bees became a serious hazard for every golfer in the field.

As a press release from the University of Texas-Arlington officials noted, a limb on the 18th hole at Waterchase Golf Club fell near the green, exposing an estimated 60,000 bees that were apparently located inside the tree.

The bees quickly took over the hole, forcing tournament officials to stop the tournament and call in a beekeeper. After assessing the situation, the beekeeper suggested that the tournament be canceled and the course be cleared of play for the rest of the day.

I'm fairly certain nobody in the field wanted to stand over a birdie putt on the final hole and have to hole it with tens of thousands of bees making it that much more difficult. That's real pressure, folks.

Word is the course called in beekeeper "J.Bee." Holmes to contain the swarm. The "buzz" on the street is he was the best guy for the job. And that satisfies my bee joke quota for the year.

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