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Clown's Mouth: Nicklaus thinks 2010's majors benefit Tiger

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• No less an authority than Jack Nicklaus has said that this is a key year for Tiger in his pursuit of majors, because three courses – Augusta, Pebble Beach and St. Andrews – are among Woods' favorites. How much will this play into Woods' decision to return? [AP via Yahoo! Sports]

• Steve Elling drills one right down the fairway with a response to all of the people claiming that the media forces Tiger down your throats, and that it's the media's job to pump up the rest of the field. Wrong. It's up to the players to bring their best game, not the media to create false images. We got in trouble for doing that once already, remember? [CBS Sports]

• We've been waiting for Tim Clark to bust through for quite some time now. Will this be the year that everybody's favorite bridesmaid – seven 2nd-place finishes – finally makes it to the altar, metaphorically speaking? Perhaps … [The Golf Watch]

• Tim Finchem: another press conference, another confusing and seemingly deceptive performance. He's digging himself an awfully deep hole these days. [A Walk in the Park]

• Remembering Thomas Bailey, who'd been a patron at Augusta National every year since its opening in 1934. Say what you will about Augusta, the generational timelessness of the place is one of its strong points. [Local Knowledge]

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