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Devil Ball Golf

Check out Shakira golfing and … wait, she can actually play?

Generally, when you watch celebrities golf, it's generally a dog-playing-piano kind of thing; you're impressed enough that it's actually tickling the ivories that quibbling over song selection seems nitpicky. Likewise, criticizing a celeb's form in golf seems kind of beside the point. But in this latest installment of an ongoing video blog/diary thingy by pop chanteuse Shakira, you can see that she might actually have a gift for the game over and above your average diva.

There's an awful lot of padding in this video (edit, people! edit!) and you've got to be a serious Shakira fan (or stalker) to sit through this whole thing. But give it 30 seconds. I can guarantee you this: Any pro golfer who does the Shakira hip-dance after they hole a long putt gets immortalized here on Devil Ball, guaranteed:

Don't know about you, but I'd pay good money to see Darren Clarke or Colin Montgomerie try to pull that one off. Keep swinging, Shakira.

[Visor tip: Larry Brown Sports]

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