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Chad Campbell might need to be reminded to register next time

Shane Bacon
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Have you ever done something really stupid and thought to yourself after, "Boy, I'll never make that mistake again"? Well, that is normally how things go. You mess up, you learn from it, and you keep that in the back of your head for years and years.

Not Chad Campbell. The four-time PGA Tour winner and runner-up at the 2009 Masters failed to register this week for the Deutche Bank Championship, and has been disqualified. Basically, before a tour event, you must register or you aren't allowed to compete.

"That's pretty dumb," you must be thinking, "but I bet he'll never make that mistake again," you decide. Nope, he did this same thing back in 2009, when he was flying to Hawaii for the Sony Open when he realized he hadn't signed up for the event.

Two blunders, nothing to show for it.

Campbell's error adds to a list of weird rulings that have happened this season. Just a week ago, Jim Furyk missed his pro-am time and was disqualified from the event. A few days later the PGA Tour changed that rule.

No word yet if the Campbell error will also lead to a rule change, but I'm assuming a friend of his might think of setting some alerts on his cell phone for the remaining 2010 schedule.

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