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The Boo Weekley we know and love is in the hunt

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As far as noticeable names go, Boo Weekley is near the top on the PGA Tour. It might have something to do with that repetitive swing that some claim is one of the best on tour, but it mostly deals with the fact that Boo is, like the Masters, unlike any other.

The man has fought an orangutan, wore camouflage hats and shirts on the golf course, and has been a quote machine for years. What he hasn't done? Won a lot.

That might surprise you since he took down back-to-back Verizon Heritage events in 2007 and '08, but those are his only wins. This week, at the Greenbrier Classic, Boo is in the hunt (no pun intended) and with the lack of stars in the event, has a brilliant shot at firing off another win (OK, pun kinda intended).

On Friday, Weekley shot a second-round 63 that included seven birdies, no bogeys, and has him at 10-under and near the top after two days at The Old White Course.

What does Boo think of the new stop on the PGA Tour? Well, his answers are very Boo-y.

"I kind of like these kind of golf courses: old-style golf courses; ain't real long."

He is probably the only golfer in the field that can post 10-under through two days and get asked if he had done any fishing this week (he hasn't).

He might be doing well on the golf course, but he isn't doing so well at the host hotel for the week.

"I ain't got a clue. They ought to give you a GPS when you register. Like a little beacon. You just press a button and it's like, All right. You want to go eat here? All right, boom, and then it just kind of leads you around where you need to go. That place is amazing," Boo said.

Bottom line ... if you can't get behind Boo Weekley, you really can't root for anyone.

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