Devil Ball Golf

  • This is probably the craziest 3-foot putt you'll ever see

    Ryan Ballengee at Devil Ball Golf21 hrs ago

    A 3-foot putt should not be exciting -- not even one for birdie. However, this golfer made it absolutely riveting.

    This player, whose name is Greg, hit his approach shot close on the ninth hole at  at  The Golf House Club, Elie, in Fife, Scotland . Instead of simply knocking the ball straight in the hole for birdie, Greg decided he'd try his luck with the backstop hill behind the green. He putts the ball just far up enough the hill to come back down all the way into the hole for a magical make.

    It's one of those moments you try sometimes with your buddies, but it almost never pans out, much less catch it on film. 

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  • Jack Nicklaus hates to see critics 'hammering' Jameis Winston

    Ryan Ballengee at Devil Ball Golf4 days ago

    Jack Nicklaus doesn't believe Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston is getting a fair trial in the court of public opinion. The 18-time major winner, thinks the beleaguered signal caller deserves better.

    “I just hate to see them hammering a 20-year-old kid,” said Nicklaus, whose grandson Nick O'Leary is a teammate of Winston's. “Has he made mistakes? Maybe. But you’re supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, I think. Not charged and convicted and sentenced."

    Winston had made more than his fair share of mistakes in his time at FSU, ranging from not paying for crab legs at a supermarket, to yelling out a sexually explicit phrase made popular during the World Cup in a school cafeteria. He was accused of sexual assualt in Jan. 2013. While he wasn't formally charged in the case, the school has informed Winston he'll face a disciplinary hearing and possible code of conduct sanctions pertaining to those allegations.

    In the past week, over 2,000 Winston-signed items appeared on a memorabilia authentication site. The school cleared Winston of any wrongdoing in the matter, including if Winston was paid for signing the items.

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