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  • Golfer pranks beginner about to sink his first-ever eagle putt

    Ryan Ballengee at Devil Ball Golf13 hrs ago

    The first time you ever stand over an eagle putt, you're a mess. You are on the cusp of putting two circles on the card.

    You've got to get the ball to the hole. You should never leave an eagle putt short. 

    And then when the ball disappears? Pure joy. 

    Unfortunately, this golfer was denied that moment of glee, by his friend of all people. An anonymous golfer uploaded a video to YouTube of what is supposedly his friend's first eagle putt. The guy strikes the putt and it appears headed for the bottom of the cup -- that is, until the final foot when the cameraman uses his foot to kick the ball off line.

    The guy putting for eagle has the natural reaction, yelling, "Noooooo!" and appeared ready to rush his purported friend. 

    For the record, we're going to give the guy the eagle.

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  • Matthew Fitzpatrick becomes youngest player to reach current OWGR top 100

    Ryan Ballengee at Devil Ball Golf13 hrs ago

    Get used to hearing the name Matthew Fitzpatrick. 

    The 2013 U.S. Amateur champion earned his European Tour breakthrough on Sunday, taking the revived British Masters in a wire-to-wire victory. The win pulls the young Englishman inside the top 100 of the Official World Golf Ranking, improving from 111th to 59th after his Woburn win. 

    That accomplishment makes Fitzpatrick the youngest player in the current top 100 at 21 years, 1 month, 11 days old. 

    The next target for Fitzpatrick is cracking the world top 50. If he can do that at year-end, he'll earn an invitation to the 2016 Masters. Staying in the top 50 would earn Fitzpatrick invitations to the U.S. Open and British Open, as well the World Golf Championships events. Getting into those events offers a great opportunity for Fitzpatrick to stay in those events for years to come, as the young gun's father explained the OWGR math to him.

    “If you’re in the top 50 it opens so many doors and my dad says it’s self-perpetuating,” Fitzpatrick said after his win on Sunday. “The money is bigger, ranking points are bigger and your card is easier to keep."

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