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  • Watch Tiger's new swing 'consultant' jump clothed off a diving platform

    Ryan Ballengee at Devil Ball Golf1 hr ago

    Tiger Woods' new swing coach -- sorry, consultant -- Chris Como is an unconventional kind of teacher. He relies on biomechanics, in which he's pursuing a Masters degree, to inform the techniques he recommends for his students. Apparently, he's willing to go to great lengths to prove his swing philosophy. 

    In fact, last year, the 37-year-old, Texas-based teacher jumped off a platform diving board with a golf club in hand to explain the important role ground force plays in the golf swing. You see, by swinging a golf club in free fall, without the support of the ground, Como demonstrates how difficult it is to generate power. It also demonstrates Como is a bit, uh, unconventional.

    While Woods probably won't find himself atop a platform anytime soon, it wouldn't be too shocking if this video is a muse for some of the Internet's best golf trick-shot artists.

    Via Eye on Golf

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