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  • Watch a bird fly off with an in-play ball at the Australian PGA

    Ryan Ballengee at Devil Ball Golf5 days ago

    Birdies are usually good in golf. However, for Sam Eaves on Day 2 of the Australian PGA Championship on Thursday, a particular birdie was a nuisance. 

    One of Eaves' drives during Round 2 at Royal Pines Resort had found the fairway off the tee. But by the time Eaves had arrived at where he thought his drive landed, it had been snatched by a crow.The bird grabbed the ball, then carried it into a tree.

    Under the Rules of Golf, Eaves was entitled to a free drop where he thought the ball landed. Eaves even got the ball back. A spectator retrieved the ball after the bird dropped it.

    Maybe the crow was trying to tell Eaves something. The Aussie shot 1-over 73 in the second round to miss the cut.

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