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  • What's new and neat from the PGA Merchandise Show

    Ryan Ballengee at Devil Ball Golf3 days ago

    ORLANDO -- The PGA Merchandise Show is golf's version of prom. Everyone puts forth their best for the golf world to see, from the little guy risking everything in hopes of catching lightning in a bottle to the game's biggest equipment makers using the show to reconnect with customers and demonstrate industry leadership.

    Many years ago, this show was where a slew of new products were introduced and the golf year truly began. Today, the product cycle is way less than two years -- sometimes, just a matter of weeks -- so an industry show isn't the place to play a whole lot of new cards on the table. That means the show's fun is in connecting with movers and shakers in the game who come here to talk shop and finding what could be the next great thing.

    On Day 1 of the show, we sought out some of the quirky and new...and seem like they have a realistic hope for success.

    Here are a few of the products I found that stood out to me:

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