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  • Watch Tiger's new swing 'consultant' jump clothed off a diving platform

    Ryan Ballengee at Devil Ball Golf3 days ago

    Tiger Woods' new swing coach -- sorry, consultant -- Chris Como is an unconventional kind of teacher. He relies on biomechanics, in which he's pursuing a Masters degree, to inform the techniques he recommends for his students. Apparently, he's willing to go to great lengths to prove his swing philosophy. 

    In fact, last year, the 37-year-old, Texas-based teacher jumped off a platform diving board with a golf club in hand to explain the important role ground force plays in the golf swing. This, uh, unconventional stunt demonstrated how important ground force is in generating power in the golf swing. You see, by swinging a golf club in free fall, without the support of the ground pushing back against you, Como demonstrates how it is impossible to use your legs to drive through the golf ball and generate power and distance.

    While Woods probably won't find himself atop a platform anytime soon, it wouldn't be too shocking if this video is a muse for some of the Internet's best golf trick-shot artists.

    Via Eye on Golf

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