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Annika Sorenstam expecting second child

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Good news from the camp of one of the most decorated golfers in history: Annika Sorenstam is set to be a mother once again.

"Mike and I are happy to share that our family will be a foursome by early summer," Sorenstam wrote on her blog. "Ava is ready to be a big sister."

Sorenstam, the 10-time major winner, retired in 2008, saying she wanted to focus on a family. Speculation at the time ran rampant that she'd get tired of domestic life and be back within months, but late last year she gave birth to her first child.

Since then, she's popped up occasionally, never returning to the tour or anything like that, but simply keeping in the public eye now and then. She and Jack Nicklaus have teamed up to present the marquee course bid for the 2016 Olympic Games' golf course in Rio de Janeiro, but other than that, not much.

OK, Annika, we have to admit, this is pretty convincing evidence of that whole "I'm done with golf because I want to go make babies" line you were spinning a couple years back. We didn't believe it at the time, but the evidence of two rugrats is making it tough to deny that maybe you were serious about quitting golf. Maybe.

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