Amateur makes ace at famous 16th during Phoenix Open pro-am

Imagine hitting a golf shot with 20,000 people watching you. The nerves would probably be overwhelming, right?

That's what a whole slew of amateurs did on Wednesday when they teed off on the famous par-3 16th hole during the pro-am for the Waste Management Phoenix Open. One of them made an ace.

Dave Wood pulled off the rare feat, draining his tee shot after a couple of bounces toward the cup. The large crowd around the hole erupted so loudly that the noise couldn't he mistaken by players elsewhere on the course. Phil Mickelson even remarked at how great of a shot it was after his pro-am round.

To put the accomplishment into perspective, the odds of making an ace are 12,500 to 1 under normal circumstances. In the circus atmosphere of the Phoenix Open, only seven aces have been recorded in tournament play since 1990.

Drinks on Dave!

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