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Adam Scott’s loving every minute of his time with Stevie Williams

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Sitting in front of a group of reporters on Tuesday afternoon, Tiger Woods confirmed to the sports world that there was no timetable for his return, something many people had already predicted when Woods decided to forego the U.S. Open, deciding instead to rest his injured leg.

While decisions like the one Woods made normally only affect the player in question, the choice to sit out, at the very least, the next couple of weeks and then reevaluate things had an impact on his caddie Stevie Williams as well.

Just days prior to the U.S. Open, Williams showed at Congressional with another player, Adam Scott, in a move that had the golf world talking prior to the start of the second major of the year. The rumors started immediately, as media outlets across the globe started to wonder if the two were parting ways.

Williams immediately confirmed that Woods had given him the OK to take a new bag in his absence.  Even though Scott and Williams had a rocky start at the U.S. Open, missing the cut with round of 73 and 74, the Aussie has been gushing over his new loop.

"I've learned some things off Steve, and he obviously knows how to manage his way around the golf course with all the people that he's caddied for over the years," Scott said. "He's got a wealth of knowledge, and I'm trying to tap as much of that as I can while he's on the bag certainly."

On Thursday at AT&T National, you could see why Scott was enjoying the perks of having Williams on the bag, as he fired his best round of the year, a 4-under 66, that saw him take a share of the first round lead.

Watching the two converse during the round, you could tell Scott was comfortable with his new loop leading the show, a sign that chemistry and trust is being built up between player and caddie. It's only one round of golf, but you can clearly tell from Scott's comments how important Williams has been not only to Scott, but Woods as well over the years.

Sure, it's Tiger out there swinging the club, but if you've ever seen the two in the heat of the moment, you know there's only one person in the world Woods trusts more than himself, and that's Williams.

Lucky for Adam Scott, he's getting a first-hand look at the New Zealander's knack for getting the best out of his player. With Woods on the mend, the pair could be together for the foreseeable future.

That's something Adam Scott has to be smiling about, especially with Woods' chances of returning for the British Open getting slimmer by the day.

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