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11 things I'd like to see from Tiger Woods in 2011

Shane Bacon
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Starting Thursday, Tiger Woods will again be back in our lives, as he tees it up in his first PGA Tour event of the season at the Farmers Insurance Open. Tiger's 2010 was a wash, with all that happened, but he has a new swing coach, a new Twitter account, and a whole new year to take over. What are some things we'd like to see from Woods in 2011? Read on ...

1.) No more club tossing: Coming from a former hothead on the golf course, I understand how tough it is to get rid of this habit, and I think Tiger made a conscious effort at the end of the season to stop doing this, but come on dude, you're 35. No more tossing clubs, or screaming bad words when you know there is a microphone there (you've had one in your face since you were basically a fetus). It's golf, and as you've seen from the past year, there are a lot more important things out there. Have some fun with it. You were the one that once said going from such highs to such lows in a round were bad for you. Stick to that.

2.) Make your Twitter account more personal: No, I don't want you in a towel, and I'm not the kind of follower that ever wants that from anyone (I'm looking at you Camilo Villegas). But it would be nice if Tiger was a little more hands-on with his Twitter account. The random Q&A's are great, but take some funny pictures, give us some insight, and show us that humor that everyone always brags about. We've always wanted a day in the life of Tiger. Now is your chance to give us a year.

3.) Drop the Sunday red: It might be a signature, but things are changing, and ditching this might be fun for everyone. Obviously the Sunday red isn't some good luck thing (you've lost on Sundays before), so here's an idea: Give people a chance to vote on your Sunday color each week. Have a poll on TigerWoods.com or Nike.com and let your fans pick your Sunday color, that way, the idea is still the same even if the color changes from week to week.

4.) Another green jacket: Come on dude, you haven't won at Augusta National since 2005. You're due. It's your type of golf course. Win this, and the year is going to be awesome.

5.) Never, ever say "I'm really close" ever again: We know you're really close to having your "A game" back. You're Tiger Freakin' Woods. You don't have to tell us at every Tuesday press conference that you've nearly got it back. We get it. You should be close.

6.) On that same note, if you have a bad day, admit you had a bad day: Maybe it's just the big egos of professional athletes, or golfers in general, but wouldn't it be nice to have Tiger say after a bad round of golf, "I hit it like #$%@ today. It was bad. I didn't have it. I couldn't make a putt if the hole was the size of Lumpy"? I'd love Tiger a lot more if he would just admit that the bad days were just that ... bad days. We've all had 'em, and we will relate more to you if you do that.

7.) Go back to being the smartest on the course: Remember when you won that 2006 British Open with just irons off the tees? Remember when you'd get the lead and just hit the middle of every green, forcing your competitors to make the dumb mistakes at bad pins? You're Tiger for a reason. Go back to outsmarting the competition, and the wins will flow, guaranteed.

8.) One time this season, play in some small-field PGA Tour event: You are trying to be a man of the people now, correct? You are trying to become someone golf fans can relate to. So why not sign up for some event you never play in a smaller city. Pick the John Deere Classic. Pencil in The Heritage. Do something that will make some small event HUGE again. You have that power. Use it.

9.) Do one talk show: Stewart, Letterman, Conan, Oprah, Colbert, Kimmel ... pick one person, and go be the only guest on the show. Let them ask you stuff that others haven't. Have some fun with it. Nothing bad could come from this, guaranteed.

10.) Be a leader at this year's Presidents Cup: We know you're the top dog on the American team, but go into it with a mentality that you're going to be the man the guys can come to. Be a leader. Show them the ropes. Do all the things that would make you a player's captain, and kick the snot out of the International team. If you lead, everyone else will follow.

11.) Win: Win. Win a whole bunch. Win 12 tournaments. Take down three majors. Be Player of the Year before July. Do it all. Golf needs it Tiger, and you can do it.

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