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Andy Behrens

If Xavier Nady was taken three days ago, maybe your draft is too long

Andy Behrens
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I've just finished a 25-round draft that lasted six days.

Yup, six days. It's an international group, so the slow-pick method works best -- at least in theory. We used Mock Draft Central, a terrific site. But live draft software just isn't designed to create environments where 14 humans can live comfortably for a week.

So let's just say the draft was a transformative experience. And sometimes profane. The commissioner described it as "possibly the most grueling fantasy draft in history," which is possibly the greatest understatement in fantasy sports history. Chat was rather tense at times. When you have to wait five hours for someone to draft Mike Jacobs, this happens.

By the third day, I had already experienced the full range of post-draft feelings about all of my picks, from regret to elation. There were still 15 rounds to go.

On the fourth day, Chris Harris and I engaged in a lengthy, vigorous, OCCASIONALLY ALL CAPS debate about whether the Blue Jays' defense had actually improved. If we hadn't been trapped in a draft room, the discussion might have turned violent (which, given the participants, would have looked a lot like this).

On the fifth day, I'd made this my new ringtone, and I called Korea twice, hoping to acquire a shortstop.

Finally, yesterday afternoon, with the sixth pick in round 25, Boof Bonser joined my team. The draft was over, at least for me. I'm not unhappy with my roster. I'm ecstatic that the draft is finished.

If you believe that you've endured more or suffered longer in a fantasy draft, you're encouraged to comment...

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