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Week 15 playoff special: Live fantasy chat, Thursday morning

Andy Behrens
Roto Arcade

As mentioned previously via tweet, this week's podcast fell victim to unforeseeable studio/scheduling issues. Catastrophic failure. Disaster. Mayhem. Sure, maybe I could have attempted to produce the thing myself, but it would have sounded like an undercover wiretap. So...

In place of the 20 questions usually answered on the pod, let's address a whole lot more via live chat. We kickoff at 9:30 AM Chicago time on Thursday, right here. Ask anything.

We can discuss the Jacksonville-Atlanta match-up, or we can talk Tim Tebow. Or we can discuss Felix, Locker, AP, Kevin Smith, Chris Johnson, Beanie Wells, Laurent Robinson, James Jones ... whatever, whoever. I'll be here, lurking.

Let's do the do...

It's an all-ages chat, totally safe for work — in fact, I already cleared it with your supervisor. You're cool.

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