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Scott Pianowski

Tough day for guys hitting .213

So here I am babysitting the trade deadline, and nothing's happening (throw me a bone, please - even a Jarrod Washburn or Gerald Laird deal would be nice). In an effort to stimulate the trading economy, I'm going to bang out a quick blog post which will be irrelevant and ignored when the next big domino falls. Anything for the masses . . .

Khalil Greene's season officially bottomed out Wednesday - three more outs, a minor shin injury, and then the capper, a hand injury resulting from Greene taking a swing at a storage chest in the dugout (despite Greene's track record in 2008, he apparently made contact with said locker). Asked about the hand after the game, Greene conceded "It's not good." Luis Rodriguez took over for Greene last night; it's not clear what the long-term plan is should Greene land on the DL.

Over in the AL, Paul Konerko is the apparent fantasy loser from the Ken Griffey trade. Chicago is expected to slot Griffey in center field, which pushes Nick Swisher to first, which moves Konerko to the bench. DH? Jim Thome is adequate there. Corner outfield? Carlos Quentin and Jermaine Dye are the two most important hitters in the lineup. (And yes, Konerko is actually hitting .214, but we'll use poetic license on the headline and round down.)

Griffey hasn't done anything against left-handers the last three years, so perhaps a platoon situation comes down, with Konerko getting into the lineup against southpaws. The most logical place for Griffey could be first base, as Joe Sheehan of Baseball Prospectus points out.

Now back to the Manny watch. The rumored deals you see passed around seem far too generous to the Red Sox - I can't see how their haul could be that rich given the lack of leverage they hold in this situation. But the Boston front office is certainly creative, maybe it can pull it off. More, hopefully, to come.

Update, 4:21 p.m. est: Looks like it was a dead afternoon. Maybe we'll have some juicy waiver deals to discuss in the coming weeks. If I'm the Red Sox, I notify Manny that he's been traded to Boston - maybe that will perk him up.

To the fantasy owners holding shares in Brian Fuentes, George Sherrill or Huston Street, congratulations. You've weathered the storm, for now.

Final Update, 4:35 p.m. est: So Ramirez gets moved after all. Ramirez (and cash) to LA, Jason Bay to Boston, prospects to Pittsburgh. Shiny new blog post to follow.

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