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Tip Drill: A few football predictions for 2011

Scott Pianowski
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Predictions are fun to make, no matter if they come true or not. Let's gaze into the crystal ball for 2011 and beyond and throw a few darts:

• The Chargers finally put it all together, in spite of Norv Turner.

• Keiland Williams makes a sneaky fantasy impact in Detroit.

• Brad Evans gets at least five unsolicited marriage proposals on Twitter.

• Chad Ochocinco is a mild disappointment.

• The Dolphins finish last, and Brandon Marshall has at least one epic meltdown.

• The Browns win at least eight games.

• Aaron Hernandez is second on the Patriots in receptions, only trailing Wes Welker.

• Jacksonville's two home games on Monday Night Football draw horrendous ratings.

• Kevin Kolb has a terrible start, then gradually improves.

• Bill Cowher takes a head coaching job before the 2012 season.

• Gus Johnson is the most popular announcer, by a mile.

• Felix Jones has a terrific start, then gets hurt.

• Jay Cutler gets into a fistfight with a member of his own team.

• The Chiefs collapse and go 6-10.

• Ray Rice goes ballistic. Lee Evans has more touchdowns than Anquan Boldin.

• The Eagles make the playoffs but as a Wild Card - Dallas wins the NFC East.

• The Saints win the NFC South, but lose in the playoffs due to some Sean Payton cuteness.

• Michael Vick misses at least three games, and DeSean Jackson doesn't play a full season either.

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• The Panthers easily surpass their over/under of 4.5 wins.

• Andy Reid challenges a coin flip.

• Chris Berman attempts to kiss himself on camera.

• Jared Cook doesn't make the leap.

• Mike Tolbert outscores Ryan Mathews.

• Peyton Manning plays eight games or less and the Colts finish with a losing record.

• A punter hits the scoreboard at Jerry World.

• The Jets make the playoffs again, but this time lose in the divisional round.

• Sam Bradford flourishes in the Josh McDaniels offense and the Rams win the NFC West.

• Three different quarterbacks start games in San Francisco.

• Miles Austin outproduces Dez Bryant.

• Seattle's offensive line is the worst in the NFC.

• The Steelers pass more than expected and Ben Roethlisberger makes the Pro Bowl (front door, as one of the first three QBs in).

• At least one playoff game goes to overtime, prompting everyone to realize how much they hate the new playoff overtime rules.

• Kenny Britt makes the Pro Bowl.

Andrew Luck wins the Heisman and goes first overall in the 2012 draft.

• Andre Johnson scores 12 touchdowns.

• John Beck starts at least five games.

• C.J. Spiller is missing in action, again.

• The NBA plays a partial season.

• Detroit just misses the playoffs, in part because Matthew Stafford misses some time.

• NBC's game production is far and away the best in the land, once again.

• The Packers win the NFC North by at least two games and return to the Super Bowl. Aaron Rodgers leads the league in QB rating.

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• Jamaal Charles doesn't see a significant increase in touches, to the chagrin of fantasy nation.

• Joe Buck is the most despised announcer, by 100 miles.

• Philip Rivers wins the MVP Award.

• Jimmy Graham leads the Saints in receiving touchdowns.

• DeAngelo Williams is one of the fantasy bargains of the season.

• Reggie Wayne has his worst yardage return in eight years.

• Josh Freeman is legit but the Bucs regress anyway.

• Dwayne Bowe scores eight times or less.

• Phillies win the World Series over the Rangers in six games. Ryan Braun and Jacoby Ellsbury win the regular-season MVP awards, Clayton Kershaw and Justin Verlander the Cy Youngs.

• Marvin Lewis, Tony Sparano, Jack Del Rio and Mike Martz don't return in 2012.

• Greg Olsen leads the Panthers in receptions.

• Terrell Owens signs with a team in November.

• Buffalo is the most entertaining 6-10 team you ever did see.

• Donovan McNabb isn't starting by the end of the year.

• Chargers 31, Packers 27.


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