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Andy Behrens

Time to work the phones, gamers

Andy Behrens
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You'll find this message just above the standings in any public league:

The deadline to complete trades in this league is Sunday, Aug 10

It's time to update your Trading Blocks. Use the Email League link. Send old, irrational blog posts about Johnny Cueto as propaganda while trying to flip him.

You have two more days to make a significant move. After that, you'll just find yourself staring at Mark Loretta and Jason Michaels in the free agent pool, wondering how exactly you're going to get nine steals.
Please try to remember that you're not necessarily trying to fleece potential trading partners. This is no time for absurd and unreasonable offers. In fact, it's not all that important to even win a trade in terms of the overall value of the players involved. You're trying to win your league, not your two-for-one deal with ForWhomJayBellTolls.

Take a realistic look at where you stand in various categories, and figure out which teams have surpluses from which to deal. And be persistent. It's OK to irritate other owners at this point in the season. As of Monday, they won't be able to help you.

A final thought: if you can make a deal that hurts an opponent, that can be just as useful as making a trade that actually helps your team.

Feel free to discuss deadline strategies and habits in comments...


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