Sunday Closing Time Chat: Braves/Reds

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We're in for a treat on the sandlot Sunday night, with the Atlanta Braves taking on the Cincinnati Reds at 8:05 pm eastern time. Marvel at young phenom Brandon Beachy, ponder the comeback of ex-phenom Dontrelle Willis. Watch Dusty chew toothpicks, watch Fredi hand out intentional walks like Halloween candy. If we're lucky, maybe we'll see Jonny Venters or Aroldis Chapman for an inning or two. Joey Votto, Jason Heyward, Brandon Phillips, Freddie Freeman, they're pretty fun too. (Okay, Heyward's supposed to be fun. I didn't see this coming, either.)

We'll be chatting all the while, answering questions about roto, music, food and life. At least one-third of the questions are guaranteed to be about baseball. No cover charge for the first hour, and you'll find free parking behind the chat applet. Your next-week domination starts with our Sunday night get-together. [Domination not guaranteed, please see legal department for fast-talking disclaimer.]

Come for the Beach and the D-Train, stay to the handshake. Ask a question, make a friend, eat a hot dog, say something silly, vote in a poll. Smiles, everyone, smiles.

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