Shuffle Up And Keep: Press your Luck

Scott Pianowski
January 9, 2014

The lay of the keeper-league land is far different than a standard format. Older name players are to be handled carefully, while younger athletes with upside get our attention and rise up our boards.

What I'm offering to you is a conversation, something to go with your opinion. Obviously most leagues won't be submitting keepers for several months. Today's goal is to jump-start some debate, some nuance, some exchanging of information.

Consider the prices as nothing more than comparison tools; they mean nothing in a vacuum. Quarterbacks at the same cost are considered even. I reserve the right to tweak this list, here and there, within the first 24-48 hours of its release. Later in the week, we'll attack the other positions.

Keeper leagues, amigos. This is not what my standard cheat sheet will look like next fall. We need to consider several seasons, roster shape and strategy, short-term and long-term goals.

Have at it.

Keeper League Quarterback Board - Jan. 8, 2014

$32 Aaron Rodgers: Loaded cast, should have a ball in his 30s.

$30 Drew Brees: Age almost at a problem area but Graham and Payton cover for a lot.

$29 Andrew Luck: Bad luck surrounded him in 2013 and yet he made strides.

$28 Peyton Manning: Regression can be pesky, and he turns 38 in the spring.

$27 Matt Ryan: The value guy to target next year, with the wideouts intact.

$25 Cam Newton: Badly needs impact receiver but legs can't be ignored.

$25 Colin Kaepernick: Wants to be great and a full Crabtree season will help.

$25 Russell Wilson: Imagine what Percy Harvin could do for him.

$24 Matthew Stafford: Sloppy mechanics and not much after Megatron; can Whisenhunt fix?

$23 Philip Rivers: Well-slotted for success, but doesn't run and heads into Age-33 season.

$22 Tom Brady: If Gronkowski isn't right, how optimisitc can we be? Numbers, not names.

$22 Nick Foles: It's not a large sample but we have to guess; I'm in his corner (and in Kelly's).

$21 Andy Dalton: Thirty-three touchdowns, no believers.

$20 Tony Romo: Can't go much lower with Bryant around, but upside is eroding.

$19 Jay Cutler: Most overrated quarterback of past 10 years?

$19 Ben Roethlisberger: Could use another major target, and OL isn't helping much.

$18 Robert Griffin III: Getting a fresh start at right time.

$18 Ryan Tannehill: Gains were modest; Mike Sherman deserved to leave.

$15 Eli Manning: Can't be as bad as he looked in 2013; pin much of blame on Gilbride (and Nicks).

$11 Joe Flacco: He's got a ring and Pitta return will help, but upside modest.

$8 Mike Glennon: Better than anyone expected, but we'll see what new staff brings.

$7 Carson Palmer: Has all sorts of fleas, some of them covered by Fitzgerald and Floyd.

$6 Sam Bradford: The Rams seem to like him; no one else does.

$6 Alex Smith: You can win with him if everything else is in place.

$5 EJ Manuel: Jury still out on him, and Doug Marrone for that matter.

$4 Jake Locker: Needs to stay healthy, work on accuracy and decision-making.

$3 Geno Smith: Jets gave him no help, so hard to say anything definitive.

$2 Terrelle Pryor: Athletic ability can't be discounted, but needs skill development in many areas.

$2 Michael Vick: Probably a starter somewhere in 2014.

$0 Josh Freeman: Resets to zero after two teams said "thanks but no thanks."

$0 Christian Ponder: Vikings headed back to the drawing board.