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Shuffle Up and Deal: Sympathy for the Molinas

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There's a logical division and flow to the other four Shuffle Up components – infielders, outfielders, starting pitchers, relief pitchers, all self-contained units. But what do we do with the backstops? I've considered lumping them together with the infielders and maybe I will next time around, but in truth this is the orphan position of fantasy, especially in leagues where you only need one starter.

Below is my peace offering to those that wear the Tools of Ignorance – position ranks and one comment per player. Dig in, and bring your intelligent, respectful disagreement to the comments.

The same disclaimers apply: I'm ranking the players from today-on, the results to this point are merely an audition; assume a 5x5 scoring format; players at the same price are considered even.

Catcher Prices as of 6/26/09

$23 Joe Mauer(notes) - Forget .400, but .370 wouldn't surprise me.
$21 Victor Martinez(notes) - Gets a boost from all those 1B starts.
$20 Brian McCann(notes) - On a .356 surge over last five weeks.
$16 Brandon Inge(notes) - Too late to turn back now.
$15 Pablo Sandoval(notes) - Sizzling last 26: .404, five homers, 18 RBIs.
$14 Matt Wieters(notes) - Hasn't revolutionized the game, yet.
$14 Bengie Molina(notes) -A .300 stick at home, .223 away.
$14 Mike Napoli(notes) - Owns lefties, struggling against righties.
$14 Geovany Soto(notes) - Four homers in eight games.
$10 Chris Iannetta(notes) - Still owed a kickback from Coors.
$9 Russell Martin(notes) - A joke in June: .185, one RBI.
$9 Jorge Posada(notes) - Loses 208 slugging points on the road.
$8 Yadier Molina(notes) - Unreal glove, underrated bat.
$8 A.J. Pierzynski(notes) - You'll never lose money on him.
$8 Miguel Olivo(notes) - Surging over last five weeks: .286, eight homers.
$7 Ryan Doumit(notes) - Hoping for a mid-July return.
$5 Kurt Suzuki(notes) - Might eventually steal 10-plus a year.
$4 Ramon Hernandez(notes) - Leave him on the plane: ugly .203/.277/.309 line on road.
$4 Ivan Rodriguez(notes) - Falling back to earth this month (.295 slugging).
$3 John Baker(notes) - Has no right hitting second.
$3 Omir Santos(notes) - Free swinger but it's working for him.
$2 Rod Barajas(notes) - Left Friday's game with undisclosed injury.
$2 Jarrod Saltalamacchia(notes) - Anytime you're ready, Salty.
$2 Jason Varitek(notes) - His pop isn't worth the other numbers.
$2 Jason Jaramillo(notes) - Nice player but Doumit looms.
$2 Ronny Paulino(notes) - Deserves a little more time with Baker scuffling.
$1 Kelly Shoppach(notes) - Put 2008 into the fluke file.
$1 Chris Snyder(notes) - On the DL with a cranky back.
$1 Kenji Johjima(notes) - Returns this weekend, release the balloons.
$1 Josh Bard(notes) - Flores won't be back anytime soon.
$1 Miguel Montero(notes) - Gets extra time with Snyder out.
$1 Jason Kendall(notes) - Now and then he hits a single.
$1 Brian Schneider(notes) - They say he's pretty good defensively.
$0 Dioner Navarro(notes) - Four walks, .216 average, enough said.
$0 Gerald Laird(notes) - A bunch of walks, not much else.

Now it's your turn, how should we shift these guys around? Discuss.

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