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Shuffle Up and Deal: Pricing the pitchers

Scott Pianowski
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Here's the last batch of the year, amigos. The value listed is what I expect for the last four weeks. Let me know if I didn't price any starting pitchers you want to know about.

$31 Tim Lincecum(notes), Giants
$30 Zack Greinke(notes), Royals
$29 Dan Haren(notes), Diamondbacks
$28 Cliff Lee(notes), Phillies
$28 Chris Carpenter(notes), Cardinals
$27 Adam Wainwright(notes), Cardinals
$26 Jon Lester(notes), Red Sox
$25 Roy Halladay(notes), Blue Jays
$25 Justin Verlander(notes), Tigers
$25 Josh Beckett(notes), Red Sox
$25 Felix Hernandez(notes), Mariners

Wainwright's second-half run gets him into award consideration . . . I chased Felix for years, then missed the season he grew up. And so it goes.

$24 Matt Cain(notes), Giants
$24 CC Sabathia(notes), Yankees
$22 Clayton Kershaw(notes), Dodgers
$21 Josh Johnson(notes), Marlins
$21 Javier Vazquez(notes), Braves
$21 Chad Billingsley(notes), Dodgers
$20 Wandy Rodriguez(notes), Astros
$20 Tommy Hanson(notes), Braves
$20 Cole Hamels(notes), Phillies
$19 Yovani Gallardo(notes), Brewers
$19 Ubaldo Jimenez(notes), Rockies
$19 Ricky Nolasco(notes), Marlins
$19 Edwin Jackson(notes), Tigers

A shame Jimenez has to toil in Colorado but with his raw stuff (three plus pitches), it often doesn't matter . . . Sabathia has been worth the dough in the second half . . .
Sophomore pitching can break your heart but a lot of us will be going the extra buck (or two) on Hanson next year . . . Hamels says he's fixed the problem and I'll go with that, the results back it up.

$18 James Shields(notes), Rays
$18 A.J. Burnett(notes), Yankees
$17 John Danks(notes), White Sox
$15 Ted Lilly(notes), Cubs
$15 Scott Baker(notes), Twins
$15 Rich Harden(notes), Cubs
$15 Matt Garza(notes), Rays
$15 John Lackey(notes), Angels
$14 Randy Wolf(notes), Dodgers
$14 Jered Weaver(notes), Angels
$14 Jair Jurrjens(notes), Braves
$14 Gavin Floyd(notes), White Sox
$13 Ryan Dempster(notes), Cubs
$13 Joel Pineiro(notes), Cardinals
$12 Carlos Zambrano(notes), Cubs

Pineiro doesn't have the stuff to blow batters away, but good things happen when the ball stays on the ground . . . Baker seems like he's turned the corner but we've been duped into thinking that before . . . Someone is going to break the bank for Harden this winter and live to regret it.

$11 Derek Lowe(notes), Braves
$11 Jonathan Sanchez(notes), Giants
$11 J.A. Happ(notes), Phillies
$11 Ervin Santana(notes), Angels
$11 David Price(notes), Rays
$11 Clay Buchholz(notes), Red Sox
$10 Scott Feldman(notes), Rangers
$10 Jorge De La Rosa(notes), Rockies
$10 Jason Marquis(notes), Rockies
$10 Andy Pettitte(notes), Yankees
$9 Roy Oswalt(notes), Astros
$9 John Lannan(notes), Nationals
$9 Joe Blanton(notes), Phillies
$9 Joba Chamberlain(notes), Yankees
$9 Barry Zito(notes), Giants
$8 John Smoltz(notes), Cardinals
$8 Jeff Niemann(notes), Rays
$8 Gil Meche(notes), Royals

Throw strikes and trust your stuff, that's basically all Sanchez needed to do to get to the brink of stardom . . . Chamberlain almost shouldn't have a price given the Joba-rules risk (though the team does need to keep him fresh for the playoffs) . . . Have a look at Zito's second-half numbers, they're ridiculous (and for once, that's ridiculous as in good).

$7 Randy Wells(notes), Cubs
$7 Max Scherzer(notes), Diamondbacks
$7 Mark Buehrle(notes), White Sox
$7 Kevin Millwood(notes), Rangers
$6 Scott Kazmir(notes), Angels
$6 Bronson Arroyo(notes), Reds
$5 Tommy Hunter(notes), Rangers
$5 Pedro Martinez(notes), Phillies
$5 Johnny Cueto(notes), Reds
$4 Sean West(notes), Marlins
$4 Ricky Romero(notes), Blue Jays
$4 Marc Rzepczynski(notes), Blue Jays
$4 Joe Saunders(notes), Angels
$4 Brad Penny(notes), Giants
$3 Trevor Cahill(notes), Athletics
$3 Luke Hochevar(notes), Royals
$3 Jon Garland(notes), Dodgers
$3 Hiroki Kuroda(notes), Dodgers
$3 Doug Davis(notes), Diamondbacks
$3 Clayton Richard(notes), Padres

Pedro hasn't taken the NL by storm, exactly, but he's been a capable No. 5 starter for a playoff-bound team . . . West's best work comes in Florida; skim away on the road . . . Romero was on the fringe of ROY contention for a while but it's hard to escape the AL East carnage forever.

$2 Zach Duke(notes), Pirates
$2 Rick Porcello(notes), Tigers
$2 Paul Maholm(notes), Pirates
$2 Jarrod Washburn(notes), Tigers
$2 Gio Gonzalez(notes), Athletics
$2 Chris Tillman(notes), Orioles
$2 Brian Matusz(notes), Orioles
$2 Aaron Laffey(notes), Indians
$1 Tim Wakefield(notes), Red Sox
$1 Tim Stauffer(notes), Padres
$1 Kevin Correia(notes), Padres
$1 Justin Masterson(notes), Indians
$1 Jason Hammel(notes), Rockies
$1 Ian Snell(notes), Mariners
$1 Carl Pavano(notes), Twins
$1 Bud Norris(notes), Astros
$1 Brett Cecil(notes), Blue Jays

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