Roto Arcade mock final act, Rounds 9-12

Brad Evans
July 25, 2012

With doors at team facilities opening for business later this week, it's time for fantasy owners to fine tune their minds for the upcoming season. Same goes for the Roto Arcade crew. Monday-Wednesday this week we'll share four rounds/day from our annual mock exercise, a 10-team, non-PPR draft. Peruse. Ponder. And trash our picks in the comments section below.

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1. Pierre Garcon, WR, Was — I'm not as enthusiastic about Washington's offense as most, but I'm happy to draft Garcon at a spot where I won't actually need to use him most weeks. Roddy, Smith and D-Jax are starting for this team. Others considered: Brown, Celek, Tamme (Behrens)

2. Donald Brown, RB, Ind — The Colts are talking about Brown as if they expect him to be a workhorse. Or possibly a mini-workhorse. (Teacup workhorse? Work-pony?) This team went RB-RB-RB at the top of the draft, so this pick isn't too risky. Others considered: A pile of QBs. But in a 10-team league, I'll get one (Behrens)

3. Reggie Wayne, WR, Ind — Once caught passes from Johnny Unitas he's been with the Colts so long, but still a savvy route runner with a little something left in the tank. Quality WR3 in what will be a high-volume passing attack under Andrew Luck. Others considered: Mike Williams, Titus Young (Evans)

4. Titus Young, WR, Det — Nate Burleson isn't exactly a spring chicken. Young dethrones him as the Lions' WR2 in short order. Convinced a 70-1000-8 season is right around the corner. Others considered: Mike Williams (Evans)

5. DeAngelo Williams, RB, Car — It's a gridlock situation in Carolina, but this is still a back with a career 5.1 YPC - and he's my fourth option. Others considered: Patriot backs, a QB to spite someone, Mark Ingram (Pianowski)

6. Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR, Oak — Lots of talented Oakland receivers, and now they finally get a full season with a plus quarterback. Others considered: Patriots backs, a QB to spite someone (Pianowski)

7. Stevan Ridley, RB, NE — Better fit for the lucrative BJGE role than Vereen; Averaged 5.1 YPC as a rookie. Others considered: Jacquizz Rodgers, Ronnie Hillman (Funston)

8. Vincent Brown, WR, SD — Can work both on the outside or underneath. I'm betting that he, not Meachem or Floyd, ends up being Rivers' most trusted WR. Others considered: Jacquizz Rodgers, Ronnie Hillman (Funston)

9. Denarius Moore, WR, Oak — Has a ton of talent and could explode in year 2. Others considered: Malcom Floyd (Del Don)

10. Eli Manning, QB, NYG — Manning with the last pick in round 9. I'll take it. Others considered: Peyton Manning (Del Don)


1. Malcom Floyd, WR, SD — Can't stay on the field but highly productive when he does. Vincent Jackson now gone. Interesting to note both Robert Meachem and Vincent Brown were taken ahead of him. Others considered: Santonio Holmes (Del Don)

2. Jahvid Best, RB, Det — Maybe biggest durability risk in the league, but at this stage of the draft, worth a gamble. Others considered: Mark Ingram (Del Don)

3. Jacquizz Rodgers, RB, Atl — An expanded role is on its way. Will give Falcons a Darren Sproles-like element to their attack, but Quizz Show has more between-the-tackles utility. Others considered: Hillman (Funston)

4. David Wilson, RB, NYG — An electric runner and a motor that won't quit. With Bradshaw's foot issues, a handcuff is prudent. Others considered: None as I was paying for some Bradshaw insurance (Funston)

5. Ryan Williams, RB, Ari — I'll bet against Beanie Wells anytime I can. Others considered: Ingram, Hillman (Pianowski)

6. Mark Ingram, RB, NO — When you can't land star running backs, you better get depth. Ingram will be considerably more prepared for his second pro season. Others considered: Hillman (Pianowski)

7. Toby Gerhart, RB, MinAs detailed earlier this week, Minnesota's Bane lookalike is being groomed as a starter. May net upwards of 3-5 starts depending on how quickly Adrian Peterson recovers. High-impact RB3/FLEX early year option. Others considered: Hillman (Evans)

8. Ronnie Hillman, RB, Den — McGahee may be the de facto starter, but Hillman is a strong candidate to lead the Broncos backfield in touches come year's end. Versatile rookie broke Marshall Faulk's freshman rushing record while at San Diego St. Sizable RB2 potential. Others considered: Nate Washington, Mike Williams, Justin Blackmon (Evans)

9. Jay Cutler, QB, Chi — By now, you should all know how I feel about Cutler's fantasy potential in the year ahead, given the improvements to the Bears' receiving corps. And if you don't know, here's a link. Others considered: Peyton, Big Ben (Behrens)

10. Ben Roethlisberger, QB, Pit — The starter on this squad (Stafford) does not exactly have an iron-man reputation. Ben is set up for a terrific year — excellent receivers, improved O-line. Others considered: Peyton, Randy Moss, Celek, and this next guy... (Behrens)


1. Jacob Tamme, TE, Den — We all remember how useful this guy was just two seasons ago, right? He's been reunited with Peyton and could very well lead the Broncos in receptions. Others considered: Same bunch as above (Behrens)

2. Peyton Manning, QB, Den — OK, this team's QB platoon is ridiculous. I'd happily play this league out. When was the last time Peyton was available in Round 11? Has this ever happened? Others considered: Moss, various other receivers (Behrens)

3. Nate Washington, Ten, WR — Britt's unlawful ways and multiple knee surgeries should make Washington Tennessee's primary WR from Day 1. Quietly posted a 74-1023-7 line in 16 games a season ago. Others considered: Mike Williams (Evans)

4. Mike Williams, TB, WR — Experienced sophomore slump largely due to excessive double-teams. V-Jax's presence should help immensely. Better-than-you-think rebound candidate. Others considered: None (Evans)

5. Lance Moore, WR, NO — He's always had a sharp connection with Drew Brees, especially around the goal line. Others considered: Every WR not named Britt (Pianowski)

6. Santonio Holmes, WR, NYJ — He's a grade-A knucklehead, but this late in the dance, I'll bet on talent and hope he flies right. Others considered: Several other Brittless guys (Pianowski)

7. Jared Cook, TE, Ten — Loved his potential before Bad News Britt found more trouble this summer. Now, he has good chance to become focal point of passing game. Others considered: Sidney Rice, Santana and Randy Moss (Funston)

8. Sidney Rice, WR, Sea — In Round 11, the reward (83/1312/8 in '09) definitely outweighs the risk (15 games played in past two seasons combined). Others considered: Mosses (Funston)

9. Matt Ryan, QB, Atl — After waiting to draft my first QB, I typically like to draft another one soon thereafter. Others considered: Carson Palmer (Del Don)

10. Carson Palmer, QB, Oak — My favorite "sleeper" quarterback this season. I'd actually feel fine with him as my starter in deeper leagues. Others considered: Matt Schaub (Del Don)


1. Michael Crabtree, WR, SF — Proven to be not an elite talent and now has to deal with a crowded receiving corps in San Francisco. I strongly considered Kenny Britt here. Others considered: Kenny Britt, Mike Goodson (Del Don)

2. Michael Bush, RB, Chi — With Matt Forte on this squad, it seemed like the right time for some insurance. Others considered: Kenny Britt, Kevin Smith (Del Don)

3. Isaiah Pead, RB, StL — S-Jax is the highest mileage RB in the league, and Pead offers head coach Jeff Fisher a Chris Johnson type element to the rush attack. Others considered: Pierre Thomas (Funston)

4. Shane Vereen, RB, NE — Doubt there'll ultimately be a true lead back for Pats, but it's nice to have my bases covered if there is. Others considered: None — looking to tie up NE backfield (Funston)

5. Pierre Thomas, RB, NO — I just do whatever Sean Payton tells me to. Others considered: Tim Hightower (Pianowski)

6. Tim Hightower, RB, Was — He's not nearly as talented as Roy Helu, but you never know which way the Shanahanigans will flow. Others considered: Kevin Smith, Anquan Boldin (Pianowski)

7. Kenny Britt, WR, Ten — Britt fought the law and the law won … eight times. Suspension handed down by Goodell will be harsh. And his knees are Jell-O. Still, he's extremely talented and worth the low-risk pick. Others considered: Boldin (Evans)

8. Robert Turbin, RB, Sea — Marshawn Lynch's legal team feels confident he'll avoid a suspension. The Noise, however, remains very unconvinced. Turbin is a late-draft leviathan capable of inflicting serious damage in a starting role. Heart him. Others considered: Kevin Smith (Evans)

9. Randy Moss, WR, SF — I was looking at him in the last round, so I'm a bit surprised (and pleased) that he fell this far. At this stage, he's just a lottery ticket. If he's a bust, fine. This team is stacked. Others considered: Felix, Boldin, Goodson, Daniel Thomas (Behrens)

10. Felix Jones, RB, Dal — I realize everyone is crazy for DeMarco Murray, but I just can't imagine that Dallas won't find a use for Felix, too. He's only 25 years old, his career YPC is 5.1(!), and he had three 100-yard games last season (same as DeMarco). Others considered: Boldin, Celek, Goodson (Behrens)


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