Over/Under: Should San Diego prepare for a Britt-ish invasion?

Brad Evans

Fantasy is a speculative game. Predict the future, and you look like a genius. Don't, and you're painfully human. Gazing into the crystal ball here's our view on 10 intriguing over/unders for Week 2.

Kenny Britt receiving yards at San Diego 69.5

Brandon — UNDER. I'm sure Britt will draw extra attention from the Chargers in his first game since last September, and this looks like a strong San Diego defense. I see Britt falling a bit short.

Brad — OVER. Provided he isn't incarcerated for the ninth time prior to kickoff, I like Britt's chances here. San Diego's defensive backfield is thin. Shareece Wright is out due to an ankle injury and, though he's expected to play, Quentin Jammer is dealing with a broken hand. His snap count will be limited to 25 or so, but I think he dusts coverage for a long TD.

Andy — OVER. I expect the Titans to target him plenty, when he's on the field. I also think there's a great chance he'll exceed his snap count.

Michael Vick combined turnovers/sacks versus Baltimore 4.5

Brad — OVER. The Eagles offensive line couldn't couldn't dam a trickling creek. Poor pass protection combined with Vick's often reckless mentality sails over this number with ease.

Andy — OVER. Turnovers and sacks? This seems like a gift. Put me down for three of each.

Scott — UNDER. I can't see Andy Reid allowing Vick to do that much damage again. Even if it's through volume, this one falls short.

C.J. Spiller total yards home versus Kansas City 119.5

Scott — OVER. He's the only viable show in town now, so he sails past that number.

Dalton — OVER. I own Spiller in zero leagues, and it's going to be incredibly frustrating when he's a borderline top-five fantasy back over at least the next month. He's totaled 757 yards with six touchdowns over his past six games. He's going to be a monster.

Brandon — OVER. He's been over this mark three of past four regular season games, and has hit at least 100 YFS in all four. I think it'll be very close, but I'll give it to him.

Randall Cobb receptions versus Chicago 6.5

Brad — OVER. Through the years, Finley has been a thorn in the side of the Bears, but the "omnipresent mismatch" presents an even tougher challenge to defend within the Cover 2. The receiver will be targeted all night in the short-field.

Andy — UNDER. He'll get plenty of use, but I think the right number here might be 5 or 6. I'm expecting a huge line from Finley, a Bear-killer.

Scott — UNDER. I've got him down for six catches Thursday, which still makes him a very strong start. Give him a 70 percent chance to score, too. Start him, even though my call lands under.

PPR Pick 'em: Dexter McCluster, Andrew Hawkins or Danny Amendola

Andy — THREE-WAY TIE. They each get five catches, no touchdowns. McCluster and Amendola have mastered that stat line. Maybe Hawkins can be something more, but I'm not bullish. Brandon LaFell or Cobb or Ogletree over all these guys, if you're adding free agents.

Scott — Amendola is the floor pick, MCCLUSTER the upside pick. At the end of the day I run with Dexy because of the dual-position flexibility.

Dalton — All should be close, but I'll go with AMENDOLA.

Alfred Morris rushing yards at St. Louis 94.5

Andy — OVER. I don't think they'll be pretty yards, because this is not a flashy back. But he'll get there against a soft run D.

Scott — UNDER. Let's put Cat Diesel Power down for 84 yards and a touchdown, then put him on the trade market the following day (and don't spell out your intentions with a 700-word blog). A solid game, but still under.

Dalton — UNDER. I'm buying Morris, but I expect this game to be close if not an outright win by St. Louis, so the volume won't quite be there like last week. I do expect Morris to approach 20 carries, but the Rams may very well not be a doormat this year.

Andrew Luck passing yards versus Minnesota 259.5

Scott — UNDER. The game flow should be less extreme this week, so I'm calling for a less busy day.

Dalton — OVER. Minny allowed 8.1 YPA and an NFL worst 107.6 QB rating last year. Even though I expect Indy to win Sunday, their poor defense should once again result in plenty of pass attempts by Luck (especially since the Vikes' run D is solid). I'll say Luck throws for 300+ yards for the second straight week

Brandon — OVER. He went into a tough environment (Chicago) in his debut and cruised by this number. The garbage time shouldn't be as prevalent this week, but I still think he's good for at least 260.

DeMarco Murray combined yards at Seattle 99.5

Dalton — UNDER. He'll approach this number but fall just short. I'm a big believer in Murray, but Seattle is a tough environment, and the Seahawks allowed just 3.8 YPC last season. Not that it means I'd bench him in any leagues.

Brandon — OVER. Seattle will be playing like a bunch of sharks with blood in the water, and it'll be a tough number for Murray to reach, especially in Seattle. But Murray gets such a big workload and he's proven capable of logging 30-40 receiving yards, that I think he makes his mark.

Brad — UNDER. Murray spanked Seattle for 186 total yards last year, but that was in Big D. A different story will unfold at a raucous CenturyLink Field. As witnessed in 'Zona last week, the 'Hawks defense swallows RBs whole. Remember only one rusher surpassed 85 yards in Seattle last year.

Brandon Pettigrew total receptions at San Francisco 4.5

Dalton — OVER. Even though SF was stingy against tight ends last season, Pettigrew has eclipsed this number in each of his past five games, and with the 49ers so tough against the run, I expect Detroit to attempt plenty of passes Sunday night.

Brandon — OVER. He'll be a safety valve option, for sure, and I don't see him having a problem reaching this number. But don't confuse that we me thinking he'll have a good fantasy day, because I seriously doubt he will. The yardage will be low even if the catch total is high.

Brad — UNDER. Pettigrew sailed way over this number (8) in Detroit's clash with the Niners in the Motor City a season ago. Finley burned San Fran last week for seven catches, but the NFL is a game of adjustments. There will be a giant bullseye on the back of No. 87 the second time around.

Select one downtrodden RB slated for the biggest rebound in Week 2: Chris Johnson, Trent Richardson or Michael Turner

Brandon — My rankings say JOHNSON, but I certainly don't feel strongly about it. With Johnson, you can at least talk yourself into the idea that he sees a little splash of daylight and takes one deep upfield. I'm sure TR will get the most right of this group eventually, but I'll take Johnson for this week.

Brad — RICHARDSON. None of these guys could fight their way out of a wet paper bag right now, but volume wins this debate. Rust was visible on T-Pain after an extended layoff, evident in his dreadful line versus Philly. However, Cleveland will definitely saddle its workhorse against its Buckeye State rival which allowed 5.3 yards per carry to Baltimore rushers Week 1.

Scott — JOHNSON. I'm not kicking Chris Johnson to the curb yet; the vastly-improved Patriots defense had a lot to do with his wipeout Week 1.

Andy — JOHNSON. He gets the nod over Turner, because I was higher on him in the preseason. I credit the Pats defensive front for CJ's poor Week 1. He had little chance. Turner will be more of a touchdown play than a yardage asset. Brandon Weeden will be a year-long burden for Richardson, it seems.

Dalton — JOHNSON. I know a 0.4 YPC is about as ugly as it gets, but he did add six catches for 47 yards. Maybe the Pats' defense really is that improved. And the return of Kenny Britt should help. Having said that, I'd also start Richardson with confidence this week as well.

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