Maurice Jones-Drew expected to miss ‘multiple games’

Andy Behrens

As of this writing, the Jaguars have not actually revealed a whole heckuva lot about Maurice Jones-Drew's left foot injury. We can say with certainty that MJD will miss the upcoming match-up against Green Bay, but that's pretty much the full extent of our reliable intel.

Here's what head coach Mike Mularkey had to say in Monday's press conference:

"Maurice is, uh ... he's got a foot. Again, dealing with the feet. He is probably gonna be out. I can't tell you the extent of time, but I can tell you he'll be out this game."

When prodded for additional details, Mularkey indicated it was a "mid-foot" injury.

On Tuesday, ESPN's Adam Shefter filed this report, via Twitter:

Jaguars RB Maurice Jones-Drew has a sprained foot the team believes will sideline him multiple games. He does not need foot surgery, which means he does not have Lisfranc, per team source.

It's no surprise to learn that MJD will miss multiple weeks, of course. He never returned to the Oakland game after checking out during his team's first possession, and he spent the second half on the sideline, on crutches, out of uniform. His injury always had a multi-week vibe. (If you haven't added Rashad Jennings by now, then it's probably too late).

I'd love to accept Schefter's "no surgery = no Lisfranc" statement, but I'm not sure we're completely out of the Lisfranc woods just yet.

Remember, Darren McFadden had a Lisfranc injury (his words) last year that didn't require surgery, yet it brought his season to a screeching halt. DMC's issue was often described as a mid-foot sprain, kinda like MJD's.

Jones-Drew has likely avoided a fracture, assuming the no-surgery thing is true, but he could still be dealing with a painful tear of his, um...Lisfrancky foot-stuff.

Or, as Mularkey puts it: He's got a foot.

This recovery is gonna take a little while.