Let's make a deal: Is anyone shopping Ubaldo Jimenez?

Andy Behrens

For the record, the purpose of this post is NOT to declare that fantasy owners need to sell Ubaldo Jimenez(notes). No one's saying that. Don't attack. This is merely a value/strategy discussion. Please save your vitriol for the new font.

But if you were selling shares of Jimenez today, I'd understand. A case can be made. He's off to an astonishing start, and it can be reasonably argued that his value will never be higher than it is right now. Ubaldo is basically having Bob Gibson's 1968 season (1.12 ERA) with a higher strikeout rate (8.63 K/9), and his velocity is greater than ever (96.8 mph average fastball). He's been dominant. He put a no-hitter on the resume last month and his next scheduled start is tonight against Houston, the lowest-scoring team in baseball. That game is a strong candidate to become win No. 8.

And then what?

Well, we can probably all agree that won't maintain a sub-2.00 ERA all season, but it's not like he's completely lucked into his current ratios (2.69 FIP). He's also not a pitcher who typically fades in the second-half — if anything, his splits suggest that he gets a bit tougher after the All-Star break. He's been better in Colorado than he's been on the road, too.

Scott valued him at $30 in the most recent Shuffle Up, which is three imaginary bucks less than Tim Lincecum's(notes) price and three more than CC Sabathia's.(notes) Back in mid-March, Jimenez was $21. That's a considerable profit on a pitcher who wasn't cheap at the auction table.

So what's your plan, Ubaldo owner? Are you getting a price check? Have you already sold him? (If so, what was the haul?) Or do you consider Jimenez to be completely untradeable? Shouldn't Jeff Erickson flip him to me in a deal for Aramis Ramirez(notes)?

Let's settle this thing in comments…


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