Fantasy Freak Show podcast, Episode XVI

Andy Behrens
December 19, 2009

The name's Yukon Cornelius, chump, the greatest prospector in the North. So back off, lesser prospectors. This here's my claim. Don't make me smite thee with my stop-motion pick ax.

In this week's episode of the Yahoo! Fantasy Freak Show we discuss Arian Foster(notes), holiday travel, Steven Jackson, swine flu, Sherm Lewis, Knowshon Moreno(notes), the proper application of the scorpion death lock, Jason Campbell(notes), cyclonic vortices, the blizzard that's burying the East Coast, and various other subjects that should be of interest to the fantasy community.

It seems like a lot to cover, but it's all in there. We also reviewed the upcoming matchups and answered your sit/start questions, per our usual.

Hit the links below. Listen up.

Fantasy Freak Show, Part I / Download

Fantasy Freak Show, Part II / Download

Fantasy Freak Show, Bonus Time / Download