Fantasy Football Live Week 9: Pregame at 9 AM ET, prettier version at 11:30 AM ET

Brad Evans
Fantasy Football Live Week 9: Pregame at 9 AM ET, prettier version at 11:30 AM ET

Traversing through bye-week hell is a thankless task. When you have to weigh the merits of a Josh McCown, Jason Campbell or a wide receiver that shouldn't be trusted handling great grandma's irreplaceable china collection (Darrius Heyward-Bey), you know it's a brutal week. But with no Broncos, Lions, Niners, Cardinals, Giants or the dozens of worthless Jaguars to choose from, owners will be forced to swallow a bitter pill, or two, whether they like it or not.

Don't fret.

This Sunday, we have several hours of highly interactive fantasy programming to help guide you through the Week 9 wreckage.

Brad Evans and Brandon Funston will wake with the roosters at 9 AM ET/6 AM PT, priming the pump with two hours of fantasy radio goodness. On the FFL pregame party, our fearless prognosticators will discuss the fallout from Justin Blackmon's indefinite suspension, explain why Zac Stacy is must-start material against the Titans, reveal their sleepers, busts and shocker specials from every remaining Week 9 game and, of course, answer your pressing questions. Here's how YOU can join the circus:

Call: 800.777.2907

Twitter: @YSRFFL



Following the fellas at 11:30 AM ET/8:30 AM PT, Andy Behrens, Kay Adams and Melanie Collins will jump into the ring with Brad and Brandon on our two-time Emmy-nominated webcast. Battles over Rob Gronkowski, Trent Richardson and Alshon Jeffery are all on tap. Also, winless in four straight, can Brad actually beat the board?

And because we're a very friendly bunch, we'll be taking your calls (877-FFL-GURU) and tweets (@YahooFantasy) throughout the show. Don't forget to include #AskFFL and, if you're already buried in a deep hole from Thursday, #GKOed. Scott Pianowski and Andy will also man our chat room. What else is to come? Tune in below: