The Fantasy 46 Podcast, ep. 15: Straight cash, Hanie

Andy Behrens
Roto Arcade

Don't worry, we don't actually spend much time on Caleb Hanie this week, just a minute or two. There's nothing nice to say.

We talk playoff strategy in this week's episode, plus we discuss Dallas receivers, Roy Helu, Marion Barber, injured Bucs, DeMarco Murray, Leroy Hoard, Pierre Garcon, the curious case of Cleveland's defense, and more. Lots more. Plenty more. And it's an all-ages show, largely inoffensive. Do the do...

Fantasy 46 Podcast, Week 14 Preview

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Many thanks to WSCR for hosting, and of course to those who've listened and/or submitted questions. Let's go get a win. Survive and advance, onward to the semis. Take it, on three.


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